Jason Ridl

Senior Electrical Designer

Jason Ridl has more than 20 years of electrical engineering design experience. His design expertise includes normal and emergency power systems, lighting and lighting controls, fire alarm and security surveillance, and access control systems for commercial, industrial and government clients. In his spare time, Jason enjoys coaching football.

Denver Institute of Technology – Denver, Colorado
Associate of Applied Science, Computer Aided Architectural Drafting


What is your favorite color? Red.

What time of day is your favorite? Why? 6:00 p.m. because it’s after work; time to relax.

What is your middle name? Lee.

What is your all-time favorite commercial? Where’s The Beef!

Number one thing that gets on your nerves? Lazy people.

If you won the lottery, what would you do? Travel and buy some toys.

What is your favorite holiday? Thanksgiving.

What is your dream car? Nissan GT-R. 

Right or left handed? Left handed.

Where’s Waldo? Hopefully Texas or California. Waldo needs to stay out of Colorado – too full.