Terry Hoffman, PE

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Terry Hoffman has more than 33 years of consulting engineering experience.  He has been responsible for the management of the overall MEP design and the design of mechanical systems for major commercial and institutional clients.  He specializes in HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection design, and has extensive experience in healthcare, higher education, and laboratory design with an emphasis in sustainable design.

In addition to a strong technical background, Terry has project management experience coupled with experience in quality control review and construction administration.

In his spare time, Terry enjoys golfing, skiing, and running.


North Dakota State University – Fargo, North Dakota
Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering


LEED Accredited Professional


Professional Affiliations/Memberships:


Who would you like to meet most and why? I’d like to meet anyone that won at least $100 million in the lottery a year after they won it, just to see what they think about it.

TV show you never miss? Walking Dead (don’t judge me).

What is the best advice you have ever been given? Don’t be an engineer.

What is your favorite color? I am colorblind! I am neutral on the subject. That’s a pun.

What time of day is your favorite? Why? Morning, hands down. I wake up with lots of energy. The sunrise. Fewer people out and about.

What is your middle name? Edward. Named after my Dad’s older brother who drowned.

Who is your celebrity doppelganger? I was once told that I look exactly like Roy Orbison. Not flattered.

What is your favorite smell? Coffee! Mmmmmmm.

What is your favorite holiday? 4th of July for sure. And since you asked, my least favorite is Halloween.

Right or left handed? Three siblings and we are all left handed. What are the odds?