enginnering project

Marquez Hall – a state-of-the-art $28 million facility for pioneering teaching, research and service – provided for expanded student enrollment and increased faculty research activities that demand the kind of customized space that Marquez Hall offers.

The building features a total of 60,000 square feet of customized classrooms and research and teaching laboratories, smart classrooms equipped with wireless networking and interactive audio-visual technology, classrooms and laboratories adaptable for conducting made-to-order professional education programs, a multi-purpose visualization classroom to support interdisciplinary collaboration between Petroleum Engineering, Geology and Geophysics, offices and meeting space designed to enhance interaction between students and faculty as well as research teams.

Spaces include: visualization and multi-disciplinary classroom, computer laboratories, drilling simulator laboratory, PVT fluids laboratory, rock properties laboratory, drilling fluids laboratory, laboratory classrooms, research laboratories, seminar and meeting rooms, large conference rooms, student lounges, department resource center and faculty offices.

SBEC’s scope of work included:

  • New 5″, 80 psi steam service to support new facility
  • Plate and frame heat exchanger for economizer cooling
  • Solids interceptors
  • VAV air handling units
  • Variable volume fume hoods
  • Acid waste and vent piping and 100% outside air
  • New electrical service
  • Standby generator
  • Emergency egress lighting and automatic smoke detection system
  • FACP connected to campus fire alarm system
  • Photo-electric and thermal detectors and duct detectors


Area:93,000 GSF
Leed Certification:Silver