enginnering project

As the prime consultant, SBEC provided mechanical and electrical engineering for a new single-story building for new District Cooling Plant.

Specific scope of work included:

  • Initial 1,500 ton plant size, with provisions to expand plant to 7,000 tons
  • 1,500 ton centrifugal chiller (R-134a)
  • Stainless steel cross-flow cooling tower
  • Below-grade condenser water sump
  • Vertical-turbine condenser pump with soft-start
  • Variable speed cooling tower fan control
  • Variable speed chilled water distribution pump
  • Primary/secondary piping arrangement
  • Emergency building purge exhaust fan
  • Refrigerant sensor/alarm
  • 24” chilled water mains serving district distribution
  • Campus building automation system control
  • Condenser water treatment system
  • Centrifugal solids separator system installed in condenser water sump
Area:2,600 GSF