enginnering project

SBEC was hired by the GSA under the IDIQ to provide mechanical design engineering for the federal building constructed for the purpose of storing national documents with specific temperature/humidity requirements.

Shortly after completion of the project, the building was sold. During the winter months, GSA and NARA noticed high levels of moisture and condensation within all five of the record storage bays. It was determined that the building envelop, controls, mechanical equipment and general quality of construction all contributed to this condition. Condensation issues only arose during the coldest winter months.

After further investigation of the current state of the controls, accurate measurement of the space temperature and humidity, GSA contacted SBEC to investigate the controls and sequence of operation of mechanical equipment in each of the 5 bays.

SBEC also provided measurement and verification in bays 4 & 5 for temperature and humidity.

SBEC provided recommendations to adjust the sequence of operation for improved effectiveness of the system.