enginnering project

SBEC was selected to provide design services for an entire mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems replacement to support the renovation of the existing high school.  Phase 1 consisted of the conversion of existing conventional classrooms along the west end of the building into new science labs and associated support spaces and renovation and reconfiguration of the existing kitchen. Upgrades and system replacements were structured to accommodate expansion from the Phase 1 area to the remainder of the building.

The HVAC systems for Jefferson High School appeared adequate to accommodate the heating and cooling needs of the existing 120,712 GSF building. However, as the building renovation and expansion proceeded,  improvements in building envelope performance and reductions in internal heat loads from more efficient lighting and equipment allowed the central plant capacity to accommodate future additions without expansion of the central plant capacities. The scope of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) work for the Jefferson High School Renovation consisted of providing a complete systems that meet the needs of the District for safety, comfort, first cost, energy consumption, operating cost and maintainability.

The electrical scope of work provided complete power, lighting, life-safety and communication systems that met the needs of the District for safety, comfort, first cost, energy consumption, operating cost, maintainability, and expandability. The electrical systems within the areas of renovation were replaced with new lighting, power and communications systems. The existing electrical distribution system provided branch circuit power for the building renovation, and was expanded where required due to electrical load increases, mechanical equipment additions and building modifications.

To accommodate the aggressive construction schedule, three bid packages were issued and delivered via CM/GC.

Area:27,100 GSF