enginnering project

In 2010, SBEC was contracted to provide HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection design for the remodel of approximately 5,900 square feet on the first floor of an existing 95,000 GSF factory building. The existing building was originally constructed as a warehouse and converted into a production facility in approximately 1996.

The location of the CHIL (Collaborative Human Immersive Laboratory) project was previously occupied by ULA and primarily functioned as a vibration test lab.

The entire renovated space is defined as a SCIF or Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility and includes a new server room, storage spaces and prep areas.

The facility enables virtual creation before the physical creation to improve the affordability, while fostering a culture of operational excellence.

The CHIL offers significant cost and time savings by using motion tracking and virtual reality technology to create a unique collaborative environment for exploring and solving problems quickly. Using CHIL simulation capabilities, hardware designs and manufacturing processes can be fine tuned in the virtual world, before production or development begins. This allows engineers and technicians to validate, test and understand products and processes early in program development, when the cost, risk and time associated with making modifications are low.


Area:5,900 GSF