enginnering project

This was an existing building owned by confidential aerospace contractor that was remodeled for the consolidation of several laboratories operated by the United Launch Alliance.

The project consisted of several different laboratory areas, including a battery test laboratory with an emergency exhaust system. A water-cooled thermal test chamber was also included in one of the laboratories that was provided with liquid nitrogen. In addition, a 100 seat Launch Center and 15,000 SF data center with support areas were included. Special acoustic and AV requirements were also included in the design. Computer server banks were served with under-floor supply computer room air conditioners.

Parts of the building infrastructure were replaced or added to meet the requirements of the new function including:

  • Addition of one new custom indoor hydronic AHU to serve the Launch Center
  • Replacement of the building central compressed air system including refrigerated dryer
  • Upgrade of entire building temperature controls from Staefa to open system DDC
  • Modifications to the existing hydronic systems for improved air control
  • Addition of a new natural gas-fired generator and switch gear
  • Addition of a new UPS along with the rewiring of several existing UPSs
  • Addition of telecom data infrastructure.

Key project features:

  • Existing space phased renovation
  • Mission critical facility with 5,000 SF data center
  • Tier IV
  • 400 tons
  • 25-40 W/SF
  • Approximately 80 racks
  • Under-floor supply computer room air conditioners
  • Master planning for future phase infrastructure needs

Featured systems include: VAV with reheat, fan coil units, computer room air conditioning units, compressed air, liquid nitrogen, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and natural gas-fired generator.

The project was designed in several different phases for scheduling and accounting purposes. Early phases included master planning for future phase infrastructure needs.


Area:22,400 GSF