enginnering project

SBEC was contracted by Parkview Medical Center to design the $2.5 million renovation, which more than doubled southern Colorado’s only dedicated Neurotrauma ICU, expanding it from 4,000 GSF to 9,800 GSF.

One of the greatest challenges of this project was updating the facility both aesthetically and medically. For example, while ICU providers need a tremendous amount of light for examinations, neurotrauma patients are extremely sensitive to light. Careful consideration was made to give providers what they require and to respect the reactions of patients. The unit was designed so that a patient would not have to stare at an open, overhead light, even while going through the corridor. The lighting varied from cove lighting in the nurses’ station to sconce lighting with adjustment capabilities to accommodate the providers’ and patients’ lighting needs.

SBEC was responsible for both the mechanical and electrical engineering design, including HVAC, fire protection, plumbing, lighting and power systems design.

The major mechanical and electrical equipment was re-used.

Both the mechanical and electrical distribution systems were completely removed and upgraded, providing improved temperature control zoning, cabling systems, power and upgraded lighting package.


Area:13,800 GSF