enginnering project

The purpose of the Redundant Data Center project was to create a second data center for Parkview Medical Center, geographically remote from the primary data center located in the main hospital.
The new data center is located in the basement of the existing Pueblo West ED facility – a 35,000 square foot, one-story emergency department, which opened in 2008.

The redundant data center consists of a nominal 1,200 square foot space. The main components of the project consist of:

  • A raised floor system
  • A supply air plenum using the raised floor
  • A return air ceiling plenum
  • Multiple computer room air conditioning units (CRACs)
  • Two UPS power supply units

The air conditioning and UPS systems were each designed with N+2 redundancy. A total of four CRAC units were provided. Each CRAC unit has the ability to cool using building chilled water as well as using split system DX cooling with remote air-cooled condensers. Each CRAC unit is equipped with dual cooling coils – one chilled water coil and one DX cooling coil. The primary source of cooling is building chilled water. If the building chilled water system fails for any reason, the CRAC units automatically transfer to DX cooling.

The room was planned with two rows of IT racks separated by a “cold aisle.” The cold aisle consists of a series of perforated floor panels to supply air up from the raised floor supply plenum. This arrangement optimizes the efficiency of the HVAC system by creating a once-through cooling airflow, from the raised floor plenum, up into the cold aisle, into the IT racks and then up into the ceiling plenum. The cooling system has a nominal 34 tons of cooling capacity when operating using building chilled water and 60 tons when operating using DX cooling.

The entire data center is protected with a double interlock pre-action fire sprinkler system.

Key project features included:

  • Existing facility renovation
  • 1,200 SF data center facility
  • 60 tons nominal cooling
  • Building chilled water primary cooling
  • Direct expansion (DX) backup cooling
  • Double-interlock pre-action fire sprinkler system


Area:1,200 GSF