enginnering project

SBEC provided mechanical, electrical and consulting engineering design services for the installation of a new 400 LF utility tunnel from the central heating plant building to an existing tunnel.
The project was phased to keep parallel, outdated service in place until new service was in place. The project included:

  • Cast-in-place tunnel with marine lighting
  • 18” medium-pressure steam main and 6” condensate main
  • Installation of approximately 120 LF of new 18” steam and 6” condensate mains into the heating plant building
  • Externally-pressurized bellows-type expansion joints
  • Steam shut-off valve detail with globe valve by-pass and line drip detail on both sides of valve
  • Connection to (4) building branch services with pressure reducing stations
  • Installation of 280 LF of cast-in-place utility trench for extension of existing, with 16” steam and 6” condensate mains
  • All tunnel and trench piping supports and anchors constructed of galvanized components