enginnering project

As the result of a design competition, SBEC was selected by RB+B Architects and Hutton Architecture Studio (now Cunningham Group) (joint venture) to design the mechanical systems necessary to support this new 73,000 GSF elementary school. This facility was designed as an energy efficient prototype, allowing for academic flexibility and adaptation to various sites in Douglas County. The high performance design includes a high-efficiency building envelope which provides significant savings to the Owner by performing at less than half the energy cost of existing schools. Annual energy usage is 40% less than school district average.

Increased occupant comfort, higher student performance, lower energy costs (including 30% smaller than average boilers) and unique design features all add to the success of this innovative educational project. Five of these prototypes are currently completed with a sixth slated for construction.

In addition, SBEC provided Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling of the media center and gymnasium, showing a comparison of ceiling supply air delivery and floor-level displacement-type air delivery configurations.

SBEC’s mechanical scope of work consisted of the following:

  • Major building spaces served by under-floor air delivery (displacement ventilation)
  • Gymnasium, cafeteria and media center provided with under-floor air delivery (displacement ventilation)
  • Hydronic heating with condensing-type high-efficiency boilers
  • Hydronic chilled water utilizing an air-cooled chiller and ice storage tanks for electrical demand reduction
  • Crawlspace housing all air handling units and central mechanical room
  • Kitchen with grease hood, make-up air unit and grease interceptor
  • Wet-pipe fire sprinkler system with two system zones


Area:73,000 GSF