enginnering project

SBEC was the prime consultant for this project.

The mechanical system featured redundant ventilation and heating systems. The air handling units contained HEPA filtration, heat recovery coils, hydronic heating coils, DX cooling coils, variable frequency drives and direct injection humidification.

Each room is equipped with independent pressure control to meet the special ventilation requirements for animal holding cages. A number of spaces are provided with special humidity and temperature control to serve cold-blooded animals. Condensing boilers are used to heat the facility. Exhaust is designed with high plume discharge to minimize animal odors in a congested campus setting.

The electrical design utilizes an existing backup generator to provide a reliable source of power. Provided new normal and backup power distribution panels.

Limited space for new equipment required use of innovative design practices to place the equipment within an existing mezzanine space.


Area:3,000 GSF