enginnering project

This project entailed adding multiple additions to the existing 330,000 GSF building to include new lecture hall space, twelve new classrooms, several teachers’ offices, restrooms and a new entrance and foyer.

SBEC’s mechanical and electrical scope of work consisted of the following:

  • New hydronic heating system including forcedraft cast iron boilers and primary/standby pumping for new classroom addition (17,500 GSF)
  • Two new variable air volume (VAV) air handling systems including direct-expansion (DX) cooling, hydronic heating, and terminal VAV units
  • Direct digital control (DDC) automation system
  • New plumbing system serving classroom addition including restroom facilities
  • Two 400,000 Btu/h gas-fired domestic water heaters
  • Fully automatic sprinkler system
  • Site lighting in area of new classroom addition
  • Classroom lighting with whiteboard light controlled via occupancy sensors
  • New fire alarm system for addition spaces


Area:23,550 GSF