enginnering project

The project consisted of the replacement of entire HVAC system of an existing 1969 hospital patient building consisting of three floors and a basement, of approximately 56,000 GSF.

Our scope of services included prime consultant, master planning multi-phase and for the replacement and upgrades, delivering conceptual design, schematic design, design development, construction documents, full construction administration and post construction services.

Our master planning comprised of developing a strategy, which allowed the occupants to use the building while the HVAC replacement and upgrades took place.  It also enabled us to avoid working in areas twice.  We developed construction budgets for the Owner.

Our work included designing for future needs and flexibility, as well as providing designs, which allowed equipment to be brought through the building in sections as well as other retrofit constructability issues.

The new systems included VAV units, new air handling units with cooling and heating coils, piping upgrades, complete new duct distribution and new hot water to steam heat exchangers.

Existing pneumatic controls were also converted to DDC control systems.

Existing medical gas and plumbing piping systems were re-designed to accommodate the new HVAC systems.

Cost:Phase I: $800,000 Phase II: $4,500,000
Area:56,000 GSF