enginnering project

This 2,500 GSF Visitor’s & Badging Center provides a visitor center and gate to control/monitor personnel and visitor access to the campus, giving the campus a positive first impression to customers and employees. The new facility replaced the existing visitor center, which was in need of modernization and an expanded footprint to better facilitate processes involved with granting access to visitors and personnel.

The Visitor Badging Center is a modern pavilion-type building that takes its cues from existing buildings on the campus as well as Waterton Valley’s impressive landscape. The masonry portion of the facility evokes the jutting rocks and hogback formations that are prevalent on the campus’s rolling hills. The glass cube with sloped roof provides maximum visibility to the security staff inside the building for monitoring traffic activity in and out of the plant, as well as vast amounts of natural light. Finally, as a testament to its technological prowess, Lockheed Martin tasked the Architect and SBEC to design a LEED-Silver certified building which ultimately achieved LEED-Gold certification.

In addition, the design incorporates the replacement of heating units at guard booths at the main entrance to the plant facilities and HVAC systems necessary to support a new 300-square-foot truck inspection facility.

SBEC was responsible for the entire mechanical systems design including HVAC, fire protection, plumbing and controls, as well as development of construction documents and construction administration. In addition, SBEC provided energy modeling services and LEED® sustainable design services necessary for certification.

SBEC’s scope of work consisted of the following:

  • Supply Air Handling Systems: One packaged, variable volume air handling unit (AHU) located on a concrete pad at grade on the building’s exterior serving the building
  • AHU with 100% economizer capability
  • AHU will include 30% efficient single stage filtration
  • VAV terminal boxes with reheat
  • Sealed combustion high efficiency hot water boiler
  • DX cooling with an air cooled condenser


Area:4,500 GSF
Leed Certification:Gold