enginnering project

SBEC was the prime consultant to add a new 3,200-ton central chiller plant and expand the existing 52,000 LB/HR high pressure steam plant.

The project included underground direct bury piping, for both the chilled water and steam/condensate return system.

Piping distribution system included approximately 6,500 feet of pre-insulated direct bury piping consisting of 18” chilled water, 10”125 PSIG high-pressure steam and a 4” steam condensate return and a 4” oxygen main.

Three separate man-hole vaults where designed for branch piping, valves and flanges for future building connections and system expansion.

The piping was routed under a public street and a revocable permit to route piping under a public street was obtained by SBEC on the Owner’s behalf. The street required temporary
closure to complete installation.

Utility locate including potholing was completed prior to design to determine existing underground conditions.

Area:5,000 GSF