enginnering project

The project consists of a remodel of a portion of the existing FAB building. The remodeled area is approximately 40,000 square feet located on a secured aerospace defense contractor campus. The facility consists primarily of a classified high bay Class 100,000 clean room. The building contains the following:

  • 30,000 square foot SCIF high bay with an air lock
  • A 40’x24’ thermal vacuum test chamber
  • An anechoic/PIM test chamber
  • Associated control and server rooms
  • Three gowning rooms
  • Process chilled water
  • Liquid Nitrogen tank farm
  • 450,000 CFM total AHU’s

Modifications to existing utility rooms for mechanical, electrical and telecom/data equipment was provided.

Design included a double interlocked as well as a double interlocked cross zoned preaction sprinkler system.

Work exterior to the building includes the addition of a dock on the north side, changes to the existing substation, and changes to the tank farm and possibly the addition of a structure to house mechanical and electrical equipment on the south side, to minimize the electrical run to feed the chambers.


Area:95,000 GSF