enginnering project

The Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology Building (MCDB) is a multi-story university building that houses teaching/wet labs and support facilities for molecular, cellular and developmental biology research.

The ground floor includes teaching labs and departmental offices, while the four upper floors are dedicated to research. The floors contain labs, lab support, a 7,000 SF animal facility, temperature controlled environment rooms, BSL-2 and BSL-3 biohazard rooms, faculty offices, a library, a vivarium, a 250-seat auditorium and greenhouses.

Gary Shaffer, the Mechanical Engineer of Record, was responsible for the design of the following systems necessary to support the facility:

  • (2) 650-ton chillers with plate and frame heat exchanger
  • 750 BHP steam service from central plant
  • Heating water shell and tube heat exchangers
  • 100% outside air supply with heat reclaim
  • Variable air volume (VAV) supply and exhaust using variable frequency drives to save a projected 25% in annual energy cost as compared to a conventional constant air volume laboratory
  • HEPA and charcoal air filtration for radioisotope exhaust
  • Dynamic room pressure control and monitoring
  • Building automation system (BAS), DDC controls
  • Domestic hot water generators
  • RO/DI water plant @ 18 megOhm quality with 2500 gallon storage
  • Process chilled water
  • Laboratory compressed dry air
  • Process vacuum
  • Process equipment hookup (autoclaves, glass washers, cage washers, hoods)
  • Flammable and chemical storage areas with remote secondary spill containment


Area:130,000 GSF