enginnering project

Located at the corner of 33rd Street and Walnut Street in Boulder, Colorado, this new building was constructed to be the headquarters of Amgen Colorado, Incorporated, a leading biotechnology company.

The new two-story corporate center office building includes a 5,000 SF computer center, conference and meeting rooms, two-story atrium and lobby, library and  media resources center, cafeteria and serving area, large advanced technology conference and seminar rooms and locker rooms.

SBEC provided design and engineering services for the following:

  • Voice / data equipment rooms with separate AC units per floor
  • 250-ton water-cooled rotary screw chiller with space and valving for future chiller
  • Plate and frame heat exchanger providing economizer cooling
  • 400-ton induced draft, crossflow cooling tower with space and valving for future tower
  • Gas-fired hydronic boiler with space and valving for two future boilers
  • Custom indoor air handling unit with multiple fans (120,000 CFM total)
  • Variable air volume (VAV) system with hot water reheat
  • Occupancy sensors located in spaces for override control of VAV boxes
  • (4) 40-ton computer room AC units with roof mounted glycol drycoolers
  • Ductwork risers and mains to terminal boxes installed during the Core/Shell phase
  • Building automation system (BAS), DDC controls
  • Gas fired domestic water heater with recirculating pump
  • Domestic hot and cold water piping with shut-off valves
  • Sanitary waste and vent, storm sewer services provided
  • Entire building automatic fire sprinkler system
  • FM-200 fire suppression and pre-action systems for computer center


Cost:$11,000,000 / $2,500,000 (TI)
Area:65,545 GSF