enginnering project

In collaboration with NIST, the A/E team, led by SBEC in the prime consultant role, authored and issued with the construction documents a performance specification for Building 1 Wing 1, north end existing clean rooms to be tested for chemical contamination. The A/E team planned for demolition of existing equipment as necessary. New labs were designed and constructed in the space using the NIST “standard” lab design which will be modeled from the new B1E laboratories. The new labs have the following systems:

  • A new HVAC system providing appropriate zone control and ventilation, meeting current energy codes and standards
  • The AHU uses hydronic coils for heating and cooling
  • Each lab utilizes a separate exhaust fan for general exhaust
  • Controls to maintain space temperature set point as well as room pressurization were also provided.
  • Steam and chilled water were supplied to the space from the central utility plant for heating and cooling
  • The A/E team provided connection points to the CUP but the final connections are to be made by a separate NIST project
  • New plumbing fixtures (lab sinks and safety showers) and piping were provided, as required by the new lab layout
  • Limited process gases were provided for in each lab including compressed air and LN2 piped from the existing LN2 header
  • The existing fire protection system was modified as required to comply with NFPA requirements
  • Electrically, new power circuits from the existing power panelboards and a new lighting layout were provided
  • The existing fire alarm system will be modified, as required for the new layout

This scope was completed concurrently with the lab renovation so that the construction schedule remained as short as possible and reduced potential water damage issues to the newly renovated spaces.


Area:5,000 GSF