enginnering project

SBEC provided mechanical, electrical and consulting engineering design services for the new multi-story teaching and research building. Specific scope included:

  • Multi-phased, build-out construction
  • 850-ton evaporative DX rooftop custom air handling units
  • 500 BHP steam service from central plant
  • 100% outside air supply with future heat reclaim capability
  • 270,000 CFM air handling systems (original construction)
  • 90,000 CFM air handling systems (added during buildout)
  • Variable air volume (VAV), supply and exhaust
  • Dynamic room pressure control and monitoring
  • Exhaust hoods using VAV face velocity control
  • Variable frequency drive fan control
  • Laboratory compressed dry air
  • Laboratory vacuum
  • Process equipment hookup (autoclaves, glasswashers, hoods)
  • Acid waste piping and remote neutralization tank
  • Building automation system (BAS), DDC control
  • Radioisotope exhaust with charcoal filtration
  • HEPA filtered supply and exhaust air
  • BL-2 and BL-3 biohazard rooms
  • Flammable/hazardous chemical and liquid storage
  • Standby and redundant equipment/systems
  • Separate process water chiller, air cooled
Area:100,000 GSF