enginnering project

This project consisted of a Master Plan of the entire Building 500 to assess the current condition and prioritize the upgrade and replacement of 33 air handling units in a twelve-story building built in 1941. The Master Plan also included the study of heating and water capacity and consolidating distributed steam to heating water heat exchangers. Based on the available budget, 6 AHUs were identified for complete replacement and 8 AHUs were identified for upgrades.

SBEC’s scope of services included prime consultant, master planning, multi-phase and funding cycle for the replacement and upgrades, feasibility study, budgeting, delivering conceptual design, schematic design, design development, construction documents, full construction administration and post construction services.

SBEC’s mechanical and electrical scope of work consisted of the following:
•System types included constant volume, variable volume and multi-zone
•Design included planning additional capacity for future loads and flexibility for VAV retrofit in the future
•AHU upgrades included replacement of coils, fan wheels and dampers, reconfiguration of outside air intakes, addition of air blenders and upgrades to temperature controls
•Existing pneumatic and electric temperature controls were converted to DDC controls

This project has led to subsequent renovations in Building 500.

Area:400,000 GSF